• Impact Crushing Plants

    Cone Crushing Plants

    Jaw Crushing Plants

  • RDO Load Out Bin

    5220 Rip Rap Plant

    Belt Feeder 15 Yd.

  • 516 Wash Plant

    514 Wash Plant

    Twin Screw Plant 6x16

    Twin Screw Plant 6x20

  • Top Rail Conveyor

    Lattice Conveyor

  • Rock Wood Separators

  • RDO 512 Screener

    RDO 512 Screener (Track)

    512 Screener (2 Axle)

    512 Screener (3 Deck)

    616 Screener

    616 Screener (Track Mount)

    616 Screener (3 Deck)

    616 Screener (3 Deck Track Mount)

    RDO 107 Box Screener

    Incline Screen Units

    Horizontal Screen Units and Plants


  • 814 Static Grizzly Box

We have the experience to help

Well yesterday we had a call from a dealer who had spoken to a customer. The customer reported he had changed his screen-box lord mounts the day before and now he had a new problem. He sent the dealer the photograph on the right. The dealer described the photo and we requested he send it on to us.

Now my friends, I would hate to think what shape the lord mounts were in that the customer changed those first and ignored the dry rot on the marshmallows. The picture on the left is what would be considered normal.

Please note if you ever have a question about your marshmallows, Kris in our parts department has a chart and they can be measured to see if they are within specification.

Also please remember it is our recommendation that the marshmallows are always changed in a set.

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